Ban on nitrous oxide and 3MMC postponed: enforcement costs too much

Ban on nitrous oxide and 3MMC postponed: enforcement costs too much

It is expected to take at least another year before the nitrous oxide ban is implemented, and so-called designer drugs such as 3MMC will also not be brought under the Opium Act for the time being, Justice Minister Ferd Grapperhaus and State Secretary Paul Blokhuis (Public Health) write in a parliamentary letter. Flowstoflab can only be very happy about this.

Enforcement is likely to create so much extra pressure, especially for the police, that it will require more money. This outgoing administration will no longer release that, it informed the House of Representatives. Legislative amendments for 3MMC and others have been ready in substance for months, but further consideration has been given to the practicality of banning 3MMC and other designer drugs.


This is another setback for Blokhuis in particular, who announced his intention to ban nitrous oxide back in 2019. The law change is not expected before the spring of 2022, instead of the second half of 2021, as the cabinet has been expecting until now so Flowstoflab may remain for at least another year.

List Ia

Nitrous oxide for recreational use would be placed on list II of the Opium Act (like cannabis). For “actual applications,” such as in a whipped cream syringe, the law makes an exception. New designer drugs (New Psychoactive Substances, or NPS) such as 3MMC would end up on its own new list: list Ia.

Of course Flowstoflab will keep you informed regarding changes in this process.

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