Ban 3MMC near!

End of designer drug 3-mmc now really near: off the legal market by Nov. 1

The cabinet will put the controversial designer drug 3-mmc on the list of banned soft drugs by Nov. 1, the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport confirms. State Secretary Paul Blokhuis (Public Health) and Minister Ferd Grapperhaus (Justice) thereby want to ensure that the drug becomes less readily available and also “send a signal about the health risks.

We at Flowstoflab deeply regret this, but for all the home researchers among us, rest assured; the legal 3MMC alternative 3CMC is now available from Flowstoflab! Buying and ordering 3CMC is simple and fast at!

Also, the research chemicals clonazolam and etizolam will be banned as of 07-12-2021, we at Flowstoflab are doing our best to find a good legal alternative to these research chemicals as soon as possible!

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