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Flowstoflab is an emerging webshop that specializes in research chemicals, including 3MMC and 3CMC. All our products are carefully laboratory tested and therefore we can guarantee 100% pure research chemicals of the best quality. Flowstoflab celebrates its one-year anniversary in January, but that doesn’t mean we are inexperienced in the field of research chemicals. Our team consists of experienced experts in the field of research chemicals. Buying the best and cheapest 3MMC and 3CMC is therefore done confidently at Flowstoflab.

The quality of our products and the service we provide to our customers are our number one priority. We ensure that your needs are pursued and are happy to assist you 24/7 with all your questions about 3MMC and 3CMC via our WhatsApp customer service on +31622128010.

Buying 3MMC and 3CMC has never been easier than at Flowstoflab.

All of our 3MMC and 3CMC products are for research purposes only and are not intended for consumption. Therefore, keep 3MMC and 3CMC products away from children and animals. Examine our 3MMC and 3CMC products only with the necessary knowledge of 3MMC and 3CMC!

Buy and order 3MMC, 3CMC and other research chemicals at Flowstoflab. Our offerings are laboratory tested to provide fellow laboratory testers with the purest quality available on the market. We enjoy it when positive results are performed by using the purest material available. We strive to provide all fellow lab testers with pure quality, fast delivery and excellent service 24/7 via WhatsApp number +31622128010.

Buy 3MMC and Other Designer Drugs Online

Flowstoflab supplies 3MMC, 2MMC and many other designer drugs in the the whole world. All research chemicals are 100% pure and sold for research purposes only.

About 3MMC and other research chemicals

3-MMC (3-Methylmethcathinone) is a designer drug and falls under the category of the synthetic cathinone family. Studies confirm that 3-MMC, like many designer drugs, can be responsible for intoxications and deaths.

3-MMC has been on the Dutch Opium Act since Oct. 28, 2021. However, it continued to be sold for research purposes. Many similar designer drugs such as 2MMC and 3CMC appear to be unsuitable for humans.

There are many sites that sell designer drugs such as 3MMC at cheap rates. We recommend that you exercise caution and buy research chemicals only from an authorized store such as Flowstoflab.

Simple and quick, it’s just a matter of a few clicks. Place your order and receive it at your home in the the whole world.

Why buy 3MMC from Flowstoflab?

Quality research chemicals

Flowstoflab is a trusted 3MMC store for researchers and medical scientists. Our research chemicals undergo rigorous laboratory testing before being offered for sale. Read the certifications and test results.

Confidential and secure packaging

Our products are shipped in discreet packaging. Buy the best research chemicals now.


Buy 3MMC, 2MMC and other designer drugs at affordable prices online. The quality remains unmatched at Flowstoflab.

Fast delivery and shipping

Flowstoflab ships within the globe, the whole world can order. We ship via PostNL, one of our shipping partners. For orders of €50 or more, delivery is completely free of charge. We offer same-day shipping for customers who submit their orders before 4 p.m.

Do you have any questions?

We are available 24/7 for all your questions.

Whatsapp at +31622128010

Flowstoflab presents new products

Because of the positive feedback and all the comments we receive on our 3MMC products, we are always asked to make more research chemicals available on our platform. After internal consultation with the committee, we have received permission and approval to make the purest research chemicals available on our platform. This makes our expansion a reality where the many requests are finally honored. The following products are offered in their purest form at Flowstoflab: 1P-LSD, 2C-B-FLY, 2-FDCK, 2-FMA, 3CMC, clonazolam, etizolam, o-desmethyltramadol. With the same service and quality guarantee, the above products will be made available for research purposes. Buy and order 3MMC, 3CMC and other research chemicals at Flowstoflab.nl.

Flowstoflab presents flunitrazolam

Following the banning of clonazolam and etizolam, Flowstoflab presents flunitrazolam; the identical replacement.